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The Independent Mum Magazine.

The Independent Mum Magazine

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1-1 Virtual Consultation

Are you ready to be the best Independent Mother to your child(ren)?

Are you ready to become an empowered woman and a confident Independent Mum ?

If you have answered yes to both questions then you may be interested in my 1-1 services created specifically for the Independent Mother.


The Independent Mother Workshops

The Independent Mother Workshops are for Independent Mothers of all ages who want to live their very best lives whilst working on being the best they can be for their child(ren).

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Empowered MAMAS

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You are a confident woman and an empowered mother and you have been created for great things. Here you will find an array of empowering resources to encourage you, promote positive thinking and aid you in living your very best life! You are not "just a mum" - you are a Queen!


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I aspire to help your children to see the greatness within them, whilst letting them know that they are confident and independent! Let's continue to empower our children by speaking life into them, promoting positive thinking and helping them to reach different goals within their lives. You will find a lot of different empowering resources here to give you a head start. 

Empowered WOMEN

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You are a phenomenal woman and you are destined for greatness. Here you will find products to empower you, promote positive thinking and aid you in living your very best life! Originally the products were created for the Independent Mum, but due to demand a lot of products are now available for all Mothers and women.


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