The Independent Mother Hub

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What is the Independent Mother Hub?

The Independent Mother Hub is a group where Independent Mothers from all backgrounds, ages, denominations and walks of life come together and meet other Independent Mothers. The Independent Mother Hub hosts monthly meetings and informative, but fun workshops.


When does The Independent Mother Hub Meet?

The Independent Mother Hub meets up on the last Saturday of the month. We will meet for 1 hour and 45 minutes from 1pm - 2:45pm. The Independent Mother Hub Workshops are incorporated into The Independent Mother Hub and will be held throughout the year on a Saturday.


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How much do I have to pay to attend The Independent Mother Hub?

The Independent Mother Hub fee is £7 per meeting. All resources will be provided by the hub unless otherwise stated. The fee for the workshops are £12.


What will I gain from attending The Independent Mother Hub?

There is always an insightful topic with fun activities to do, interesting and thought provoking conversations and plenty of positive vibes flowing around. You will get to meet and connect with like-minded individuals whom you can relate to. You are always welcome to share your thoughts, feelings and stories during our hub meetings. We are all here to laugh, smile and grow together.

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What will we do at The Independent Mother Hub?

Each month we will have a topic that we will discuss and we will also do topic related activities. The Independent Mother Hub encourages you to think outside of the box and dream bigger whilst encouraging you to reach your full potential. All sessions are relaxed and the activities are fun activities that help you to grow. The idea is for you to leave feeling empowered and ready to be the woman and Mother you desire to be!


Why should I join The Independent Mother Hub?

There are several reasons why I think that you should join The Independent Mother Hub:

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The Social Aspect

If you would like to be surrounded with other Independent Mothers in a space where you can openly share your thoughts, concerns and challenges without the fear of being judged, then this is the place for you. 

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Learning Together

There is no age limit on The Independent Mother Hub because I felt it was important for all Independent Mothers to be included. Most importantly, there are Independent Mothers out there who have walked the road before others and they have a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to impart. Together we will learn and together we will all grow.

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If you decide to become a regular member of The Independent Mother Hub you are automatically entitled to a discount for future hub meetings. If you refer a friend to the Hub you will receive an exclusive discount off a product of your choice from my range. These are just some of the many perks of joining the Hub!

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Bring Your Little One(s) Along

As an Independent Mother, I understand that it is not always easy to find childcare for you. If you have nobody to look after your child(ren) then you are welcome to bring them along.

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Where will the meetings take place?

The Independent Mother Hub meetings currently take place in London. Due to the current pandemic and following the government's guidelines, all meetings and workshops have been postponed until further notice.